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Enterprise, AL–Congressional candidate Barry Moore expressed his disappointment in Wednesday’s vote in the House on Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump in a video he posted online.

The vote occurred along party lines.  No Republicans voted in favor of the Articles. The vote means that the Impeachment will now be tried by the Senate, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding over the proceedings.

Barry Moore said in a statement:

“This is a sad day for America.  The Democrats have been focused on this impeachment for months, and they’ve ignored real problems that real people in our country have needed help with.  My hope is that this whole fiasco can be dealt with quickly by the Senate, so Congress can get on with the nation’s business.

“I fully expect the President to not only be acquitted by the Senate but to be fully exonerated.  I also expect him to be re-elected next November, not only because of how effective his policies have been at improving the lives of ordinary Americans but because the American people have seen just how low the Democrats have sunk with this impeachment.

“When Heather (Moore’s wife) and I were at President Trump’s inauguration, we hadn’t even made it back to the hotel after his inaugural address before the news media was already covering Democrats talking about impeaching him.  That shows just what a farce this entire business truly is. If you trace it back, it all begins with the Steele dossier, a collection of rumors, lies, and hearsay initially funded by Never Trumpers, then the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign.  All this time wasted, all this money spent, and it all comes back to dirty tricks mostly paid for by crooked Hillary’s campaign.

“If this were a less serious situation, it’d be easy to call it Democratic sour grapes and ignore it.  What it really has become is a soft coup attempt against a duly-elected President, and that’s far beyond just being poor losers.  That’s not how a real democracy is supposed to operate. Apparently, the Democrats are okay with using these banana republic tactics just because they lost one election and are almost certain to lose the next one.

“I was the first elected official to endorse Donald Trump for President in 2015, and I’ve never regretted it.  I continue to support this President, and I am looking forward to working to continue his agenda when I’m elected to Congress.”

Barry Moore is a candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.  He will appear on the ballot in the Republican primary on March 3rd, 2020.


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