Enterprise, AL–Barry Moore, a Republican candidate in the AL-2 Congressional race, has released a video praising everyday heroes in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The short video points out that we see heroes around us every day, and that it’s important for us to recognize them. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, first responders, store clerks, and truckers are mentioned as examples. Janitors are specifically recognized as “some of the most important people in the fight against this virus”.

Barry Moore said in a statement:

“I felt strongly that we needed to do something to recognize just how many people are being heroes right now. They really are ordinary men and women doing ordinary things in extraordinary times, and that’s what makes them heroes.

“We think about doctors and nurses and first responders being on the front lines of this pandemic, and they certainly are. What we don’t think about as much, and should, are the people who work with them to keep everything running. I mentioned janitors specifically because as a garbage man myself, I know how important their jobs are. The trash has to be taken out even when it’s toxic and infectious, then rooms need to be cleaned and sanitized before they’re used again. Without them, we’d be having more problems, and we certainly don’t need that.

“We also need to remember that our truckers are the ones keeping supplies flowing, and our clerks and stockers are working hard to keep the shelves stocked and grocery stores open. We’ve seen what happens when there’s a run on toilet paper. I’m thankful that seems to be pretty much over, but we need to thank the people responsible for there being food and other supplies there throughout this time.

“We’re all in this together, and I’m asking you all to take a moment and thank those everyday heroes around you. And, if you’re one of them, you need to know we appreciate you. We are all in this together, and together we will rise to be stronger than ever.”

The 55-second video “Heroes” is currently posted on the campaign Facebook page @BarryMooreforCongress. For more information:

The video also can be seen on YouTube here:

Barry Moore is a small businessman, veteran, former Alabama legislator, husband, and father of four from Enterprise. He is on the ballot in the Republican runoff rescheduled for July 14th.


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