Enterprise, AL–Congressional candidate Barry Moore responded to the ongoing acts of vandalism against statues across the nation which flared briefly over the July 4th weekend by condemning those responsible and supporting President Trump’s recent Executive Order creating a ‘National Garden of American Heroes’.

The Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes was issued by the White House on July 3. It creates a Task Force that has 60 days to submit a report, including options on how and where to create the National Garden, to the President.

Moore said in a statement:

“President Trump is absolutely right to call these vandals ‘angry mobs’ and ‘terrorists’, because that’s what they are. Defacing and destroying statues of Christopher Columbus, like happened in Baltimore on Saturday night, and calling to remove statues of Abraham Lincoln have shown their real agenda. This is not about police brutality or racism. This is about the Left’s agenda to erase and rewrite America’s history to support their own radical ideas.

“I applaud the President’s leadership in resisting this ‘assault on our collective national memory’, as he described it, and fully support his plans for a new park where our great national story can be shared with generations not yet born. With last week’s Executive Order mandating federal prosecution and long prison sentences for those criminals who defaced our federal monuments, this President is demonstrating his commitment to defending our heritage and our history.

“I also support House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who has stated he will be introducing legislation to withhold federal funds from those states that do not stop vandals from destroying historic monuments and property.

“When I’m elected to represent the people of District 2 in Congress, I will fight attempts to further degrade the teaching of history in our schools, as Common Core has done. For decades, the Left has worked to control the narrative about American history, and the fact that these angry mobs of mostly young people are so easily swayed by the lies of these so-called ‘Progressives’ is evidence that they don’t know our real history.

“The Founders were imperfect men, as we all are. However, they established a system that gives us the freedom to express ourselves peacefully. The Left is determined to destroy that system using whatever means necessary, and as your Congressman, I will fight every day to preserve our freedoms, our Constitution, and our nation.”

Barry Moore is in the Republican runoff election for the AL-2 Congressional seat on July 14th. He is a small businessman, veteran, husband, and father of four from Enterprise.

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