Enterprise, AL–Barry Moore, the Republican nominee in the AL-2 congressional race, addressed the end of the Democratic National Convention following Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night. Biden, the Democratic nominee for President, spoke on the DNC’s final night, as is traditional.

Moore said in a statement:

“For the last four nights, we’ve seen and heard the Democrats present how they see our country, and how they intend to change it once Joe Biden is elected President.

“They see a country torn by hate and divided by race, gender, income, beliefs, and everything else that makes us different from one another. They see a country where your birth is your destiny, and there’s no such thing as upward mobility or the American dream–unless the government made it happen for you. They see a country so steeped in the sins of the past that the only solution is to continue the “fundamental transformation” that eight years of Obama/Biden tried to force on us.

“When they say ‘fundamental transformation’, they really mean “tear down and destroy”. We didn’t want it then and don’t want now, but the Democrats don’t care what we want.

“We’ve heard how Joe Biden won’t just drag us back to the same Obama/Biden policies that failed so badly for eight years, but he’ll also impose new, even more, radical policies on us. He and his far-left running mate, Kamala Harris, will embrace the job-killing Green New Deal. They’ll embrace the ‘cancel culture’ mentality to suppress, and eventually destroy free speech. They’ll push no-limit abortions, up to and even after the moment of birth. They’ll actively attack our 2nd Amendment rights because they know that the right to keep and bear arms is our last line of defense against the socialist tyranny they want to impose on us. And to do all this, they’ll tax, and tax, and tax our productive businesses and individuals to pay for their far-left schemes. It doesn’t matter that their ideas have failed every single time they’ve been tried before, both here and around the world. They know what’s best, and questioning them isn’t allowed.

“We expected the Democrats to demonize President Trump, and we weren’t disappointed. But, now their time is over. Next week, we Republicans will have our turn to talk about how we see our nation, and how we’re going to use common sense, workable solutions to actually fix our country’s problems, not just sow chaos and destruction. We’ll actually hear the truth about our President, and just how incredible, despite our problems, America really is.

“The Democrats have had their turn. Next week, it’s ours. I can’t wait.”

Barry Moore is running for the AL-2 congressional seat in the general election on November 3rd. He is a small businessman, veteran, husband, and father of four from Enterprise.

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