March 3rd, 2024

Trump surrogate Marjorie Taylor Greene draws crowds across south Alabama in support of Barry Moore

Enterprise,  AL  – Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and “2,000 Mules” Executive Producer Gregg Phillips joined Congressman Barry Moore yesterday for four stops across the new First Congressional District of Alabama. Taking a break from her campaign stops with President Donald Trump, Greene stumped for Moore in Satsuma, Stockton, Opp and Enterprise, encouraging voters to support the true Trump Republican in the race, and exposing the Never-Trump Super PACs who are lying about Moore’s record. Click here to view video of Enterprise, click here for video of Satsuma, and click here for video of Stockton.

“Don’t believe the lies these Never Trump Swamp Creatures are spreading about my dear friend and true conservative, Barry Moore,” said Greene. “I came into Congress the same time that Barry did and can promise you that no one has been more loyal to President Trump than Barry Moore. He has worked hard to secure our border, hold the Biden administration accountable, and fight the Uniparty’s runaway spending that has our nation careening towards bankruptcy. And like me he has voted against every supplemental package that would send your tax dollars to Ukraine.”

‘Jerry Carl is Trump’s guy in Washington? That is the biggest, blatant, outright lie I have ever heard in my life. I can tell you for a fact that the only man in this race that I’ve been to Mar A Lago with is Barry Moore! And you know who is sending that money to put those ads on television? Nikki Haley’s Democrat billionaire supporter, Ken Griffin. Shame on Jerry Carl for approving a message of lies about Barry Moore funded by billionaire Democrat Ken Griffin,” said Greene. “Barry Moore is President Trump’s man in Washington and has been from the very beginning. His entire family has and he has never wavered.”

Greene went on to describe the differences between Moore and Carl’s voting records, stating, “Jerry Carl has voted to fund the war in Ukraine, not Barry Moore. The COVID-19 vaccine database, Jerry Carl voted for that. Barry Moore did not. We don’t need representatives in Washington that vote to put Americans on a list. We have a weaponized government. We don’t belong on lists. Let’s talk about one that is really terrifying – 87.000 armed IRS agents. Jerry Carl voted for that. Barry Moore voted against it. Jerry Carl voted for red flag laws for Veterans. Barry Moore voted against red flag laws for Veterans and stands against taking away gun rights from our Veterans. Jerry Carl voted to draft our daughters. Barry Moore will not send your daughters to war.”

Phillips echoed Greene’s sentiments, adding: “There is a reason Barry Moore and this new district have been targeted by Never Trumpers like Ken Griffin. This district has been targeted because it’s one of the top conservative districts in America, and Barry Moore has been targeted because he’s one of the top conservative representatives in the House.”

Greene, Phillips and Moore finished the tour in Moore’s hometown of Enterprise at the Coffee County GOP Headquarters.

Moore will face Jerry Carl in the March 5th Republican primary.

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