Enterprise, AL–AL-2 Congressional candidate Barry Moore expressed his understanding of Lt. General Michael Flynn’s legal situation in a video released by Moore’s campaign today.  The video, ‘Not Guilty’, discusses Moore’s 2014 trial on charges of perjury and giving false statements to a grand jury.  Moore was found not guilty on all counts by a Lee County jury in October 2014 and was re-elected to his seat in the Alabama Legislature in the general election the following month.  

The ‘Not Guilty’ video focuses on how Moore’s indictment and trial affected him and his family and opens with a statement of empathy and support for Lt. Gen. Flynn.  Moore has consistently described his own trial as a politically-motivated ‘perjury trap’ and believes it to have been very similar to what was done to Lt. Gen. Flynn.

Barry Moore said in a statement:

“My heart goes out to General Flynn and his family.  Having gone through this same kind of fire, I know just how hard it is on you and your family.  In 2014, I had to face a perjury trap that was the same kind of politically-motivated witch hunt the Obama FBI and Justice Department pulled on General Flynn.  I am glad that he didn’t have to go through a trial since the government has now dropped the charges against him.  I will say that the day the jury found me not guilty on every single count was a great day for me.

“In both our cases, the truth was finally revealed and justice prevailed.  What I went through forced me to reexamine my life and relationship with the Lord, and I think I came out better for it.  The refiner’s fire is hot, but God was with me and my family every step of the way.

“General Flynn has shown himself to be a man of courage and integrity, and I pray that God restores him and his family, as He has mine.  God Bless General Flynn.  He’s a shining example of how in the end, the good guys do win.”

‘Not Guilty’ can be seen on the Barry Moore for Congress website and Facebook page, or on YouTube:

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Barry Moore will be on the ballot in the Republican runoff election rescheduled for July 14th.  He is a former member of the Alabama House, a veteran, a small businessman, and a husband and father of four from Enterprise.


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