Send a true working man to Washington D.C.

Rated the most conservative lawmaker in Alabama, Barry was the first elected official to publicly endorse Trump.  A military veteran and small business owner, we can believe in Barry because he’s one of us.

Barry Moore:

A True Conservative

In his two terms in the Alabama House of Representatives, Barry Moore earned the reputation as one of Alabama’s most conservative legislators.  Barry fought for lower taxes and less government regulation.

Growing up on a farm in Coffee County, Barry learned early what a man’s hands say about him.  Hard work,  along with moral integrity with a true love for God and country shaped not only Barry’s hands but also his heart.

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As Chairman of Military and Veteran Affairs, Barry authored and sponsored key legislation to include bringing the  “RedTails” F-35 Fighter Squadron to Montgomery.  His sponsored legislation made strides to protect military families from unfair child custody courts, secure residency for in-state tuition programs for military families and veterans, protect the licensing of working spouses through licensure reciprocity, and advocate for our Purple Heart Recipients.

Growing up on a farm in Coffee County, Barry learned early what a man’s hands say about him.  Hard work, moral integrity, and a true love for God and country shaped not only Barry’s hands but also his heart.  This dedicated work ethic led Barry to Auburn University, where in 1992, he earned his degree in Agricultural Science.  While at Auburn, Barry was enlisted in the Alabama National Guard and Reserves, where he excelled at being a soldier, and was a member of the Army Ranger Challenge Team in Auburn’s ROTC program.  The best thing, however, that happened while in Auburn was meeting his wife, Heather Hopper Moore, whose strength, wisdom and quick wit made them an unstoppable team.  Today they work and serve together in all capacities of their life whether it be at work, church or their community.

In 1998, Barry founded his own company.  He and Heather own and operate Barry Moore Industries.  He started BMI with one garbage truck and a passion for business.  More than 20 years later, BMI, Inc continues to grow and prosper at record levels.  BMI, Inc most recently had the opportunity to assist Tyndall Air Force Base after Hurricane Michael with their rebuilding efforts.  Whether it be in business or public service,  Barry’s number one focus is the needs of the people he serves.  Faith, Family, Finance and Freedom are the fundamentals that guide all aspects of Barry’s life.  In all decisions as a legislator, Barry measured the consequences of any bill on these four fundamentals.  It’s a system that served him well and won him the distinction as a dependable, conservative vote in Montgomery.  He will take the same fundamentals to Washington D.C.

On August 21, 2015, Barry became the first elected official in the nation to endorse President Trump at his first campaign rally in Mobile, Alabama.  In 2016, he was a delegate at the National Convention along with his daughter Kathleen, who was the youngest delegate in the nation.  Barry Moore will be the tip of the spear for President Trump and will fight and defend the Trump agenda for Alabama’s District 2 and America.  Barry has signed the Term Limits pledge and the Fair Tax Pledge.

Barry and Heather have been married for 27 years.  They have four children- Jeremy, Kathleen, Claudia and Jeb along with two dogs-Rocket and Dolly.

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Solid on the Issues

During his tenure in the legislature, Barry distinguished himself as one of Alabama’s most ardent conservatives. Numerous organizations have recognized him as the state’s most conservative legislator.


Protect the Right to Life


Fight for Religious Freedom


Reduce Government & Cut Taxes


Stand up for Veterans & Law Enforcement


Build the Wall!


Work with Trump & Keep America Great!


End Common Core


Repeal Obama Care


Strengthen the Military


Staunch 2nd Amendment Supporter


Protecting American Jobs & the American Worker

Barry on Guns:

Barry believes the Second Amendment should remain unchanged and uninhibited.  “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is pretty clear.  Barry does NOT support red flag laws in any form; does NOT support restrictions on AR-type weapons; and does NOT support restrictions on high capacity magazines.  Barry SUPPORTS both concealed carry and constitutional carry, and he would support legislation to require all states to recognize concealed carry permits from other states. 

“We can not sacrifice freedom for safety, if we do, we will have neither.  The Second Amendment gives the power to the people to protect against tyranny.  That’s why we have it.” – Barry Moore

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