Position Statement on Veteran Affairs

As a concerned Veteran, I have watched for some time the VA’s troubled reputation in providing America’s Veterans with timely quality health care plus the unacceptable backlog of Veteran Benefit Claims and Appeals process. It will be my goal to provide Veterans with the benefits they have earned in a manner that honors their service. It is my opinion Congress must establish a partnership with the VA to establish a successful culture of collaboration with the intent of continuing positive and meaningful changes in future service to our deserving Veterans.

President Trump has been a Champion for our Veterans and active-duty military. I want to join the President’s team in providing the very best for America’s Finest!

Should I be honored to win the District 2 Congressional run-off and November election, I will strive to be appointed to the House Veterans Affairs Committee which will allow me to have a stronger voice for Veteran’s Legislation. Today, there are NO VETERANS serving at the Congressional level in Washington, DC. That is unacceptable. My win will bring a seat back to the table for all Veterans not only in Alabama but in all of America.

With this in mind, I feel there needs to be created, Veteran’s Advisory Group- to the VA Medical Center’s Directors and their staff members to meet quarterly with veterans to exchange ideas and concerns to better the quality and timeliness of VA services. The same should take place at the VA Regional Office in Montgomery. These valuable opportunities should make continuous progressive changes which will provide the Vets improved services and benefits while greatly enhancing the VA’s reputation! A win-win opportunity!

After weeks of gathering Veterans needs and issues, I have made a list of priorities which are:

  1. All “all” service-connected veterans to have a choice for their health care needs by either the VA or private medical providers.
  2. It would greatly help the aging and handicapped military retirees under TRICARE to receive their prescriptions by either drive-up service or by mail as distributed by military bases.
  3. Pass legislation to amend VA’s health care benefits to include nursing home care.
  4. Fight for improved mental health and suicide prevention assistance to ensure “all” Veterans have access to viable life-saving preventative medicine and proven treatment
  5. Women Veterans health care “must” be changed to allow females the ability to choose the gender of their VA Health Care provider and to place priority on privacy issues for women at VA clinics.
  6. Demand the VA implement recently approved presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure for Vietnam Vets. These conditions are hypertension, bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s like tremors and abnormal protein levels in the bloodstream. I believe that if there is evidence of a direct-link between exposure to Agent Orange and these new conditions then the VA must do the right thing by immediately approving and implementing new regulations to compensate these deserving Vietnam Vets. When approved they will be added to the current list of 14 Presumptive Agent Orange conditions. These Vets had to wait 20 years plus after Vietnam ended in 1975 before the VA finally admitted Agent Orange exposure caused serious and deadly consequences! Our Vets deserve better and I will fight to require the VA to recognize the justifiable new presumptive conditions immediately!
  7. Another top priority will be the creation of a long overdue Veteran’s National Cemetery in District 2. Our fallen active military members and veterans deserve to have the opportunity to be interned in a final resting place of honor with their fellow comrades? I will fight to make this Place of Honor for our heroes a reality!

My intentions are to dare to “Care for him who shall have borne the battle, his widow and orphan”! Remember: America is the Home of the Free Because of the Brave!

Barry Moore for US Congress

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