Enterprise, AL—AL-2 congressional nominee Barry Moore responded to the Democratic National Committee’s online convention by pointing out the marked differences between the Democrat’s rhetoric and the actual record of President Donald J. Trump.

Moore said in a statement:

“The Democrats have made their national convention all about divisiveness and negativity, purely for the purposes of tearing down our great nation and our President. Judging by the horrible ratings, the American people aren’t buying what the Democrats are trying to sell.

“The Democrats and their allies ignored the tremendous economic turnaround we’d enjoyed before the COVID pandemic. They ignored how our 150,000 COVID deaths so far, while tragic, is still far, far below the 2.2 million estimated deaths that were predicted just a few months ago. They ignored what we’ve seen come from their policies: Seattle and Portland descending into chaos and anarchy, and the long-term disasters that Democrat rule has brought to great cities like Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, and Detroit. And as for Democrat promises, remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?

“Instead of focusing on working together to solve our nation’s problems, they’re more concerned about ousting this President and imposing their own failed ideas on the rest of us.

“When I’m elected to represent District 2 in Congress, I’ll take our Alabama common sense and conservative values to Washington, D.C. I’ll fight against the destructive ideas of the Democrats and support our President as he continues to lead us in the years to come. Until then, I’m asking everyone across our District, Alabama, and America to lift up our nation in prayer, that we might come together to stand as one nation, under God.”

Moore is on the ballot as the Republican candidate for the AL-2 congressional seat on November 3rd. He is a small businessman, veteran, husband and father of four from Enterprise.

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