Enterprise, AL–Barry Moore, Republican nominee for Congress from Alabama’s 2nd District, expressed his enthusiasm for President Trump and his agenda following the President’s remarks to the Republican National Convention on Monday. The President addressed the RNC in person on its opening day during the roll call vote of delegates. The roll call vote was taken by Alabama native and RNC Secretary Vicki Drummond and streamed live by multiple outlets.

Following the roll call vote, President Trump and Vice President Pence accepted the party’s nomination for President and Vice President.

Moore said in a statement:

“Our President showed us today why he and the Vice President are going to be reelected in November. Joe Biden and the Democrats are running a campaign of false promises and a false view of a divided, dark America that only exists in their minds and those areas that have been destroyed by years of Democratic policies.

“President Trump, meanwhile, has a strong record of accomplishment, and today he reminded people about that record. Before the pandemic, our economy was booming after struggling for eight years under Biden/Obama policies. Then COVID hit, and the entire world was affected. This administration acted on the best information available and took the steps to protect our people as much as possible. As the President reminded us, not one person who needed a ventilator didn’t get one. Under President Trump and Vice President Pence, who led the White House virus response task force, we built more hospital beds than were needed in New York and elsewhere. Now the economy is reopening, and I’m looking forward to working with President Trump in his second term to rebuild our country better than ever before. Joe Biden is using that as a campaign slogan, but Donald J. Trump has done it before with the Biden/Obama economy, and I’m confident he can do it again.

“Democratic policies and rhetoric have fueled the flames of destruction and chaos that are burning cities and ruining neighborhoods across our nation. President Trump’s policies, before the pandemic, had done more for minorities than any recent President, including criminal justice reform, support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and historically low unemployment. The President understands that ‘the best way to bring unity is success’, and on Sunday he released his 2nd term agenda to show us just how he’ll keep America winning.

“The President wants to create another 10 million jobs in 10 months, create 1 million new small businesses, and enact ‘America First’ tax credits to bring our industry home from abroad. He’s already begun restoring our ability to produce all our needed medical supplies and drugs here in America. He will continue to eliminate our dependence on China, defend our borders and our cities, and continue to pursue an ‘America First’ foreign policy that brings our troops home from endless foreign wars and makes our allies pay their fair share for their own defense. He’ll continue to drain the swamp by strongly supporting congressional term limits, and wants us to return to the moon with the permanent presence there so many have wanted since the 1970s. And, despite the Democrat’s continued resistance, he’ll work to deport non-citizen criminals and fix our broken immigration system.

“I enjoyed seeing Alabama’s Vicki Drummond presiding over the roll call Monday that formally made Donald Trump our party’s nominee for President and Mike Pence our nominee for Vice President. I’m proud to continue supporting this President and his Vice President, just like I’ve done since 2015, and looking forward to working with them in Washington when I’m elected as District 2’s Congressman.”

Moore will be on the ballot in the general election on November 3rd. He is a former member of the Alabama House, a small businessman, a veteran, a husband, and a father of four from Enterprise.

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