Enterprise, AL—Barry Moore joined numerous Republicans, including several members of Congress, in condemning Twitter and Facebook for censoring a NY Post article Wednesday that allegedly disputes Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s claim that he had “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings”. The article is based on emails recovered from a laptop suspected to have been owned by Hunter Biden that was abandoned at a repair facility in Biden’s home state of Delaware. The repair facility owner reportedly tried unsuccessfully to contact Hunter Biden before viewing the contents of the laptop’s hard drive. The owner then contacted the FBI, who seized the laptop, but the owner gave a copy of the hard drive to Robert Costello, a former lawyer for Rudy Giuliani, last Sunday.

Twitter blocked the Post’s account as well as blocking others from sharing the link to the article, citing their policy of suppressing the dissemination of ‘hacked materials’. Facebook also limited the sharing of the article but did say the story was eligible for fact-checking by their third-party checkers.

The Biden campaign quickly disputed the article but made no mention that the laptop in question had been hacked.

Numerous Congressional and Senate Republicans including Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) condemned the social media giants, calling their actions blatant censorship and an attempt to protect the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

Moore said in a statement:

“I’m disappointed but not surprised at the blatant bias Twitter and Facebook have displayed by censoring this article. I also think it’s telling that despite their best efforts the article was still spread by other means, including House Republicans posting it on other pages then sharing those links. Censorship has no place in a free society, and with the failure of Twitter and Facebook to censor this information they only drew more attention to it.

“We all know that Twitter and Facebook censor conservatives, but until now they could hide behind a fig leaf of fairness. Well, today Twitter dropped that leaf, and there’s no picking it back up. Senator Hawley has already contacted the heads of Twitter and Facebook wanting answers, and I believe this will only be the beginning.

“Private companies certainly have the right to limit content on their platforms, just as we all have the right not to use them or the products they advertise. However, Twitter and Facebook are so large and pervasive today that they merit special consideration and scrutiny. The next Congress will no doubt do that scrutiny in depth because of Twitter’s actions Wednesday.

“No one is a stronger supporter of our First Amendment rights than I, and I recognize just how valuable the protections of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act have been in allowing a free and open internet to benefit us and our economy. I’m reluctant to change what has obviously worked so well, a few unfortunate exceptions notwithstanding. As a conservative, I’m also well aware of how unintended consequences of overly-meddlesome government intervention can creep into ‘fixing’ problems, and I’m concerned that this will become yet another instance where the fix does more damage than the original problem ever could.

“The people of District 2 need to know that I’m not happy with Twitter and Facebook blatantly censoring pro-conservative positions. I wouldn’t be happy for them to blatantly censor pro-liberal speech, either. Speech is either free, or it’s not. We will be looking at Twitter and Facebook going forward, but while we’re doing it, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Constitution, and looking out for potentially disastrous overreaches, as your next Congressman.”

Moore is the Republican nominee in Alabama’s Second District in the general election on November 3rd. He is a small businessman, Veteran, husband, and father of four from Enterprise.

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