Friday, January 26, 2024

Barry Moore launches campaign ad highlighting conservative record, constituent services 

Enterprise, AL– Barry Moore released two campaign commercials highlighting his work for his constituents and conservative voting record in Congress.

In his commercials, Moore emphasizes his record as the most dependable conservative vote in the State House and in Congress.

“Alabama, do you want a real conservative to represent you in Congress? I’m Barry Moore, and I’ve done it.

“Vote against wasteful spending? I’ve done it. I voted NO on all Ukraine supplemental funding. Let’s use that money to defend our borders.

“Vote against using tax dollars to pay for abortions? I’ve done it. Abortion travel is abortion funding.

“Vote to protect your privacy? I’ve done it. I voted NO on reauthorizing FISA spying, and I’ve demanded answers from the FBI.

Moore’s “I’ve Done It” ad may be seen here, and his “Let Me Show You My Record” ad can be seen here. Both are running on multiple platforms across District 1.

Moore is facing Jerry Carl in the March 5th Republican primary. Carl recently accused Moore of being a “show horse,” but these ads demonstrate that Carl’s assertion couldn’t be further from the truth.

Moore’s conservative voting record has been scored 100% by Heritage Action, compared to Carl’s score of 72%. Barry Moore’s Conservative Review’s Freedom Score is also significantly higher (96%) than Carl’s (74%), as is Moore’s CPAC rating (91 for Barry Moore, 82 for Jerry Carl).

A recent Montgomery Research poll showed Moore leading Carl in the District 1 race by 41% to 37%, with 22% undecided.

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Heritage Action

  Jerry Carl 72%

  Barry Moore 100%

Conservative Review Freedom Score:

  Jerry Carl 74%

  Barry Moore 96%


  Jerry Carl  82

  Barry Moore 91



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