Monday, January 29, 2024

ICYMI: Chairman Jim Jordan visits Houston and Baldwin Counties to get out the vote for Barry Moore

Dothan, AL–  On Saturday, January 27th, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) visited Dothan for a fundraiser and Robertsdale for a rally to support Barry Moore for Congress in Alabama’s First District. Jordan was joined by his wife, Polly Jordan.

The Dothan fundraiser was held at The Forum, a newly opened facility in downtown Dothan that is owned and operated by a local veteran. This event was the first one to be held in this venue.

After the roundtable and fundraiser ended, the Jordans and Moores traveled to Baldwin County to attend a rally at Water’s Edge in Robertsdale.

Barry Moore’s wife, Heather Moore, introduced Jordan at the rally, quipping that she should be introducing him as Speaker Jordan, and going on to describe the close friendship they share with Jordan and his wife, Polly.

“We have told Jim and Polly Jordan that this is real America, right here, you folks who are out here in the rain to support Barry and to see Jim, our great Freedom Caucus member,” said Heather Moore. “It’s very rare in politics that you make true friends, and Polly and Jim Jordan have been those true friends.”

Jordan took the stage to applause and cheers from the crowd. Despite it raining off and on all day, according to the owners of the venue property, around 400 people braved the weather to attend the rally.

Jordan expressed his deep concerns about the direction the Biden Administration and the left is taking America and their attack on Constitutional rights, encouraging the crowd to stay involved in the political process and vote to send Barry Moore back to Congress.

“Thank you for helping Barry Moore. There are people like Barry and Heather Moore who you are glad chose public service,” Jordan said to the crowd in Baldwin County. “They care about and fight for the things that made our country special, and different, and the best country ever. Anytime his name is on the ballot, anytime he’s running for something, you just keep sending him there because he truly is fighting for the things you care about.”

“Barry Moore is a dear friend and a good man, you know that,” Jordan continued. “Barry Moore will do what he says he’s going to do, just like President Donald Trump. In 5 ½ weeks, on March 5th, make sure he’s the next guy in Washington fighting for the things we all care about.”

As Jordan left the stage, he was quickly surrounded by attendees who were eager to get a photo with the Founder of the House Freedom Caucus.

Barry Moore took the stage to talk about why he’s the best candidate to represent the very conservative Baldwin County and a district that is now the 6th most conservative district in the country.  “I tell people all the time, the fight is not in Washington, D.C., folks, it’s with Washington, D.C. We’ve got to protect your liberty – that’s our number one job,” said Moore. “We’re members of the House Freedom Caucus. We’re not there to gain the power. We’re not there to go along with the lobbyists. We’re simply there to save this nation.”

“The Swamp don’t want Trump back, they don’t want me back. But we’re in the fight for you. Remember, March 5th, we’ve got a nation to save. Y’all get out and vote on Super Tuesday for Barry Moore and Donald Trump,” Moore concluded.

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