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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Barry Moore releases ads highlighting tough stance on the Biden Border Crisis and his pro-Trump record

Enterprise, AL– Congressman Barry Moore released two new commercials touting his tough stance on the Biden Border Crisis and setting the record straight on his pro-Trump record.

The first ad, Tough on the Border, drives home Moore’s record on working to secure the southern border and deport illegal immigrants, and touts his pledge to vote against any more government appropriations bills until the border is secure. The second ad, Shoot Straight, exposes the lies his opponent is promoting and reaffirms his long-time commitment to President Trump and the America First agenda.

“President Trump knows that my support for him has been unwavering since the day I became the first elected official to endorse him in Mobile in 2015, and it always will be,” stated Moore. “I’ve supported every effort to build Trump’s border wall and stop the flow of illegal immigration traffic that Biden has invited. As the target of a political witch hunt myself, I’ve worked to hold accountable the weaponized government agencies that are seeking to keep Trump off the ballot. And unlike my opponent, I voted against a clean reauthorization of FISA, the program the FBI used to spy on Trump and millions of other Americans.

“My opponent knows he’s behind, so he’s lying about my record to keep you from digging into his support for voting for red flag laws against Veterans, sending more tax dollars to Ukraine, and creating a federal vaccine database. The Washington Uniparty has aligned with my opponent and is meddling in this election so that I can’t upset the status quo. The D.C. Swamp will stop at nothing to take a member of the House Freedom Caucus like me out.”

Moore, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, has extensively questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during his appearances before the Committee and supports Mayorkas’ impeachment for failing to secure the border..

“The number one threat to our national security is our wide-open southern border,” Moore said. “Biden’s Border Crisis isn’t an accident. It’s been created by the policies of this Administration, which has thrown open the doors and invited nearly nine million illegals in over the last three years. If Donald Trump was still our president, the Remain in Mexico policy would still be enforced and the wall would be complete. Instead, we’re offering people who broke the law to come here a free cell phone, free health care and $800 a month.”

Moore also helped pass out of the Judiciary Committee and off the House Floor the strongest border security bill in the history of Congress, H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act 2023. This bill would force the administration to do its job to secure the border and enforce immigration policy.

“I’ve been to the border three times,” Moore continued. “I’ve seen this disaster for myself and talked with our Border Patrol agents about what they need to do their jobs. I’ve been fighting since I came to Congress to bring back President Trump’s common sense policies and I am the only candidate in this race willing to sign the Immigration Accountability Pledge, which opposes any funding bills that don’t include securing the border.

“If shutting down the government is what it takes to bring Biden and the Democrats to the table, that’s what we need to do,” concluded Moore.

Moore will face Jerry Carl in the AL-01 congressional primary on March 5th.

For more information on Barry Moore, his conservative record and his campaign, go to BarryMooreforCongress.com. For more information on the Immigration Accountability Pledge, go to iaproject.org.


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